Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

A Typical 5 Day Kaizen Process on a Shop Floor – Lean Transformation.


Preparation by Client (3 Weeks)

5 Days Kaizen with Consultant

Continuous Improvement by client.

“ Kai means “change” &  Zen means “make it better”

Day 1

Training Lean Production Kaizen Tools


Day 2

Design Time Observation OCT Vs T/T Bar Chart


Day 3

Set the new line


Day 4

Improvement Re-balancing


Day 5



30 Day Action list Follow up

“Take no action and nothing will happen”

Consulting Approaches

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