Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

About JD Lean Consultancy

  • Seasoned consultant with operating management experience from a leading global consulting firm.
  • Impressive background with vast experience in production management and LEAN implementation.
  • Proven track record delivering sustainable growth in sales and earnings at factory and client level.
  • Excellent cross culture communication skills being able to speak 5 languages.
  • Hands On coming from the rank and file, understands employees concerns esp. lower level employees.
  • Passion for Continues Improvement.
  • Base of Operations : Malaysia, strategic location in the Asia Pacific region.

Lean = Time = Speed

“Lean is a way of thinking – not a list of things to do”

Shigeo Shingo


Mission & Values

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