Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

Product 3: Business Process Kaizen

– Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production

  • Business Process Kaizen is a LEAN method that uses a Process Mapping tool to identify WASTE and to reduce LEADTIME of the overall process.

  • BPK is used to improve areas like the entire Supply Chain (Order Entry to Delivery of Material to Production), Warehouse (Incoming to Shipping), Spare Parts management and any other areathat are not directly related to production.


Area Type of issues Type of Kaizen Kaizen Tools Involved Expected Gains (Measurable) Remarks Kaizen Duration
Supply Chain - (Order Entry to Production Receive Material) 1. Long Lead time
2. Data and Information Errors
3. Material Shortages
Business Process Kaizen - Process Mapping
- Waste Identification
- Layout Planning
- 5S
- Safety
1. Shorter Process Lead time
2. Increase Efficiency
- If we only LEAN the production line and not the other areas that are indirectly supporting manufacturing than the true impact of a LEAN facility will not be realized. If only production and support functions know about LEAN and practicing it but not the other indirect area than there will be a breakdown in communication.
- LEAN at other areas are equally important to create a link between all the department which will create a LEAN culture through the entire facility.
5 Days.
Warehouse 1. Long Lead time (Material Preparation)
2. Mixed Parts / Wrong Parts Delivered)
3. Missing Parts
4. Poor 5S
5. Poor Safety
6. WASTE (non value added activities)
7. etc……..
Business Process Kaizen - Layout planning
- FIFO (First In First Out) system.
- 5S
- Waste Identification
- Visual Management
- Kanban / Pull System
1. Increase Efficiency
2. Increase Accuracy (Material, Stock Count, etc.)
- A lot of money can be lost if a Warehouse is not organized and managed well.
- Warehouse department is a key area to determine that production and the company meets their goals esp. when it comes to delivery to the Customer. A dis-organized Warehouse will lead to inaccurate stocks that leads to major LINE STOP situation that impacts the company and the customer which we must avoid at all cost.
3 to 5 Days
Note: Warehouse can be separated to three areas
1. Incoming Raw Material
2. Raw Material Storage
3. Outgoing Finished Goods.Kaizen duration depends on size of the area.
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