Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

Product 4: Others

Short support training that will strengthen the LEAN implementation, knowledge and culture.

  • These short training will help to sustain the mind set and results.

Area Type of issues Type of Kaizen Kaizen Tools Involved Expected Gains (Measurable) Remarks Kaizen Duration
LEAN Basic Training 1. Poor Knowledge of LEAN
2. Resistance to Change
3. Poor Knowledge Today's Business Requirements.
LEAN Basic Training - LEAN Concepts / Key Principles/ LEAN Tools / 5S / Assembly / Std. Work / 7 Waste, etc. using the following:
- Flow Stimulation Game
- 5S Numbers Games
- LEAN Related Videos
- Handouts
- Real Case Examples
1. Lower Resistance Level to Change.
2. Better Understanding of LEAN and the current business requirements.
- LEAN Basic Training alone is not enough but it can be a starting point for a LEAN journey. This MUST be followed by LEAN Transformation activity to really make believer's out of the un-believer's by actually showing the results by doing. 1 - 2 Days.
Managing Daily Improvements 1. Poor Management of a LEAN line. (Impact Results) Managing Daily Improvement 1. LEAN Tools
2. Problem Solving Methods
3. 5S
4. Escalation Process
5. etc…….
1. Supervisor's and Line Leader's will know what to do when there is an issue on the LEAN line.
2. Fast Response to issues to minimize impact to daily target.
- After a LEAN Transformation is done to a line than the next step is to duplicate the LEAN Transformation to other similar lines. This means the responsibilities of the Supervisor's and Line Leader's increase in managing the LEAN lines based on the LEAN Methodology in order to sustain results.
- Most of the time, this is where the Sups. and LL's poorly manage the line and the results starts to drop. MDI helps them to manage time and systematically manage the line. - MDI is introduced once the LEAN line is stabile (approximately 2 months after the LEAN Transformation.
2 days
5S 1. No Identification
2. Impacts Quality
3. No Visualization
4. No Space
5. WASTE in line
6. No Standard
7. etc……..
5S Kaizen 1. Definition of 5S
2. Meaning of the 5S
3. Color Code for Visual Management
4. WASTE identification
5. Creating Standard's
6. Creating 5S Audits
7. Creating a Cleaning Plan
8. Creating Location for Cleaning Tool
9. etc……..
1. Clean, Safe and Organized Work Place.
2. Standard's that help employee's to follow 5S Rules.
3. Layered Audit (participated even by top management)
4. Quality Improvement
5. More Visual Work Place.
6. Created a pleasant working environment.
- 5S is Everyone's Business. It do not only keep the area clean and organized by it improves quality of work.
- 5S is not only for the Production areas but can be implemented at every area (Office, Warehouse, etc..)
- A Clean, Safe and Organized environment improves the employees job satisfaction as well as Safety.
2 - 3 days (based on the area need to be improved)
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