Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

Product 2: Shopfloor Kaizen

– Focused on production area and supporting functions.

  • This product consist of various LEAN tools that covers the entire production floor (lines) as well as support functions that are directly related to the production lines e.g. – Maintenance, Quality and Material’s Dept.LEAN implementation starts at production in order to gain the biggest savings due to 3 reasons:

    1. Largest concentration of employees are at Production.
    2. Largest and expensive assets like machines are at Production.
    3. Largest space consumed is at Production.

Area Type of issues Type of Kaizen Kaizen Tools Involved Expected Gains (Measurable) Remarks Kaizen Duration
Production Line 1. Low Productivity.
2. High WIP on line.
3. Long Cycle Time.
4. Low OTD (On Time Delivery).
5. Poor Flow.
6. Waiting Time.
7. Process Imbalance.
LEAN Transformation (Non LEAN mode to LEAN mode) - Time Observation
- Takt Time Calculation
- Line Balancing
- Manpower Calculation
- 5S - Visual Management
- Hour by Hour Output Chart
- Process Improvement
- Layout (1 pc. Flow)
- Safety
- Waste Identification
1.Productivity Increase.
2.Cycle Time Reduction.
3.Lead Time Reduction.
4.WIP Reduction.
5.Manpower Reduction.
- Once the line has been LEANed with all the LEAN elements working well than you can expect other issues arising that will impact the LEAN line from meeting it's set goals. The issues will be very visible and prompt immediate action due to the LEAN setup in the line. Based on the issues e.g. high down time, we will have to setup a separate kazien for TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) kaizen to solve the issues. Pls. see below of the common issues that will arise and actions required. 5 Days - Transformation / 5 Days - Fine Tuning.
Maintenance 1. High Downtime
2. Slow Response (Repair)
3. No Back up machine
4. Poor skills (technician)
5. No proper tools
6. Lost of Output
TPM Kaizen - AM (Autonomous Maintenance)
- PM (Preventive Maintenance)
- OEE Calculation (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
- Predictive Maintenance
1. Reduction in Downtime.
2. Increase in OEE%
3. Increase in Output.
4. Increase in Productivity.
- Autonomous Maintenance is performed by the operator (User), Preventive Maintenance is performed by the Maintenance staff (Owner).
- Downtime issue can be caused by Man, Machine, Material or Method (4M).
- Continues Improvement is required to work on the root causes of downtime. Goal is zero downtime.
5 Days
Quality 1. High Failure Rate
2. High Scrap Rate
3. Low LAR (Lot Acceptance Rate) - QA (Final Inspection)
4. High Rework Rate.
5. Output / Productivity Loss.
Quality Improvement Kaizen - DMAIC tool (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control)
- Ishikawa Diagram (Fish Bone)
- 5 Why?
- etc……..
1. Lower or Zero Failure Rate.
2. Lower Scrap Rate.
3. 100% LAR (Lot Acceptance Rate (QA).
4. Lower Rework Rate.
5. Increase in Output.
6. Increase in Productivity.
- Quality improvement is an on-going process. If one root cause action fails to yield results than we need to work on the next root cause action and go on till all the root causes are addressed. 4 Days
Production/ Maintenance/Quality - Product Changeover 1. High Changeover Time - Machine / Material / Man / Method. Changeover Optimization Kaizen - Internal Preparation
- External Preparation (Machine / Material / Man / Method)
1. Reduction of Changeover Time.
2. Increase Production Time.
3.Increase Output.
4. Increase Productivity.
- Reduction in changeover time will also increase capacity of the line.
- More products can be produced with a higher volume on the same line without investing on a new line with machines and manpower.
4 Days
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Business Process Kaizen

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