Value Stream Mapping

Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

Shopfloor Kaizen

Focused on production area and supporting functions.

Business Process Kaizen

Focused on Non production area but indirectly related to production. 

Product 1: Value Stream Mapping

– Identifying areas for improvement (Kaizen)

  • One of the first actions that need to be taken is to evaluate the plant and identify opportunities for improvements. This is done via a Value Stream Mapping activity.

  • Elements involved in a VSM is the observation, recording and mapping of the actual Process Flow (Supplier to Plant to Customer), Information Flow (Customer to Plant, Plant System to Line, Line to Plant System, Plant to Customer and Plant to Supplier), Leadtime and Value Added vs. Non Value Added percentage.

  • Outcome of a Value Stream Mapping:- Identifying WASTE = Opportunity for Improvement.- Identifying area for improvement and the type of kaizen required.- Comparison of actual data (VSM) vs. Plant system data. (System figures are often seen going the negative direction comparison to the VSM data. Remember that the system figures are used to calculate of pricing of the product and profitability).- Set a “Go Forward Plan” based on the clients required duration of the project. (type of kaizen, where, when and who will be involved)- Calculate approximate savings based on the current data as benchmark vs. after LEAN improvement (based on the consultants experience)

  • Duration of this event is 1.5 to 2 days.

Shopfloor Kaizen

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